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How do you pronounce Roncesvalles?

Posted by Sabine Smith on

Global News Toronto reporter, Tom Hayes (@TomHayesNews), recently visited our lovely street to determine what is the proper way to pronounce Roncesvalles. He even paid a visit to the Old Country Shop - the oldest running business on the street - to ask Sabine how to say it (watch the video to see her answer!).

Some will say 'Ronce-es-val-les' with both L's and the S, others say 'Ron-ces-vayle' without the 'S'; and still others like City Councillor for Ward 4 Parkdale-High Park, Gord Perks (@gordperks) prefer to diplomatically keep it simple and say 'Roncy'. 

Regardless of how it's said, the simple fact we all can agree on is Roncesvalles will continue to be a must-see destination for holiday shoppers and events over the weeks ahead! So come on down and see all the Christmas goodies we have ready for you!

Watch the video clip below (full video on Global News website here):

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