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How do you pronounce Roncesvalles?

Posted by Sabine Smith on

Global News Toronto reporter, Tom Hayes (@TomHayesNews), recently visited our lovely street to determine what is the proper way to pronounce Roncesvalles. He even paid a visit to the Old Country Shop - the oldest running business on the street - to ask Sabine how to say it (watch the video to see her answer!). Some will say 'Ronce-es-val-les' with both L's and the S, others say 'Ron-ces-vayle' without the 'S'; and still others like City Councillor for Ward 4 Parkdale-High Park, Gord Perks (@gordperks) prefer to diplomatically keep it simple and say 'Roncy'.  Regardless of how it's said, the simple fact we all can agree on...

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